Cleaning Services Roswell, GA 

Exceptional Home Cleaning Services with  22-Step Healthy Touch Deep Cleaning System

Cleaning ServicesThe Maids Healthy Touch® Deep Cleaning System was designed to ensure a healthy as well as excellent home cleaning service and supply your family with the best cleaning service in the Alpharetta, Roswell and Marietta areas.  This thorough cleaning system includes a 22-step system to ensure top quality cleaning services each and every time.

The Maids Roswell only utilizes environmentally safe cleaning solutions, state-of-the-art back pack vacuum equipped with HEPA filtering method and our systematic cleaning routine to make your home cleaner and healthier - from top to bottom, GUARANTEED! 

22-Step Healthy Touch Tour

Kitchen Cleaning Services

Clean sink - The kitchen sink can be ground zero for germs and bacteria. We completely disinfect and scrub your kitchen sink to make you feel safe next time you prepare food.

Clean appliance exteriors - We all know that appliance exteriors are frequently touched by everyone in the family. Our system will cleanse the exteriors of your major kitchen appliances and restore that shine in your kitchen.

Clean inside microwave - The Maids Roswell makes sure that cleaning your microwave is a thing of the past, because we'll take care of it each time we clean your home.

Clean range top - You shouldn't do be afraid to cook because your range top is dirty. Start enjoying cooking again because we'll clean up the mess for you!

Damp wipe cabinet doors - Over time cabinet doors can accumulate a layer of grease if not properly cleaned every time, our professional maids will wipe down each cabinet door and remove the grime and grease.

Clean counters - Everyone enjoys a clean counter, why shouldn't you? We'll disinfect your counter tops with our patented cleaning solutions that is not only safe for you and your family but for the environment as well.

Hand wash floor - The kitchen is a high traffic area in your home and keeping the floor clean is tough job. Let The Maids Roswell help by cleaning, on our hands and knees!

Load dishwasher - While we clean your home, we'll even load the dishwasher so that when we leave you can relax and enjoy your clean kitchen with your family.

Cleaning Services for All Rooms 

Pick up and straighten - Need your home cleaned and straighten up? The Maids' 22-Step system includes picking up and straightening your home so that you can relax once we are done.

Dust sills, ledges, wall hangings - Tough to reach places are our specialty! We'll clean all of your ledges, wall hangings and dust sills so you never have to again. Never have to use a ladder to clean again!

Remove cobwebs - No cobwebs or dust accumulation can escape our patented HEPA certified portable vacuum cleaner. We can reach the nooks and crannies of your home with ease.

Dust/vacuum furniture - Let's face it, furniture can accumulate dust over time. We wipe down each and every furniture in your home so that can get rid of that dirty wipe cloth you use to clean them with.

Vacuum floors, carpets - Why not get rid of that vacuum cleaner for good? We vacuum your floors and carpets every time we visit to clean your home.

Vacuum stairs - Stairs can be a dangerous place to clean with a traditional vacuum cleaner but our lightweight backpack vacuum cleaner makes vacuuming your stairs a breeze.

Vacuum under beds - Cleaning under the bed is a pain with traditional vacuums, The Maids can easily reach under those tight spaces in no time and without moving your furniture!

Empty trash - You want a clean house, why not have a fresh smelling house too? We'll empty the trash before we're done.

Bathrooms Cleaning Services

Clean sinks, counters, change towels - The Maids' cleaning services includes changing your towels, disinfecting your sinks and counters so you never have to clean your bathroom again.

Clean, disinfect toilets, tubs, showers - Everyone wants a clean bathroom, you can have that and also never have to clean it again! That sounds like the best of both worlds!

Hand wash, disinfect floors - Clean floors equals clean feet when you step out of the shower. We scrub and disinfect your floors on our hands and knees!

Windows clean entry window, one set of patio door windows - Make your home more inviting by having your windows clean and clear.

Clean window over kitchen sink - Enjoy the view out into your backyard, not the grime on the window.

We Use Healthy Cleaning Supplies to Make Your Home Shine 

Come to a clean and refreshed home every time The Maids Roswell cleans it. Our 22-Step cleaning services is the most comprehensive cleaning service offered, we'll clean your home from top to bottom.

If you want to have a clean house without spending numerous hours on this tedious task, give our experienced, uniformed, bonded and insured teams a try! Call our office in Roswell to set up your next cleaning appointment!